We sell a variaty of treated poles.

We do CCA,Creosote, aswell as Boron treated poles.

All products are treated by the SABS permit standards and are SABS aproved.

First there is your normal taperd pole. 

This pole is in its most natural state. It is only debarked, cut to length and then treated. This pole taperes slightly from thicker on the one side to thinner on the other for example 100mm-119mm. It is usually cheaper than our second group called cylindrical/machine turned poles, but not as smooth and neat.

Cylindrical poles or machined turned poles

Cylindrical poles or machined turned poles get turned to one specific diameter throughout the length of the pole after being debarked. Thus you will get a pole that is for instance 100mm or 125mm.

Latte and droppers

Latte and droppers are more rustic tipe of pole that is usually used to build pergolas or rustic fences, to create that "Westcoast" look.